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Title for Made or Cancelled Courses page

Please verify the time, location, and date of the first meeting of your course.

Do not go to class until your course has made. If your course is pending, University Extension is holding it open for more registrations. Please continue to check this web page for updates.

If your class was cancelled, University Extension will contact you about taking an alternate class. If you have not been contacted, please let us know right away if you wish to take an alternate class. If you do not choose an alternate, you will automatically receive a full refund after registration closes.

No transfers will be made without the permission of the Director. Please email University Extension at with transfer requests.

To see where your class will meet, click on the building abbreviation to locate the building on a map of the UT Campus.

Please call our office at 471-2900 if you have any questions.

Made/Cancelled Courses
Course Number Title Status of Class Day and Time Location First Class Date
ACC 310F   Foundations of Accounting-WB   Made   Online     Mon., June 10  
ANT 302   Cultural Anthropology   Made   MW 6-8:30   MEZ 2.124   Mon., June 10  
ANT 324L   Forensic Anthropology   Cancelled   TTH 6-8:30      
ANT 324L   Anthropology of War   Made   TTH 6-8:30   MEZ 2.124   Tues., June 11  
B A 320F   Foundations of Entrepreneurship   Made   TTH 6-8:30   CBA 4.330   Tues., June 11  
B A 352F   Internship in Business Administration-WB   Made   Online      
BIO 301M   Ecology, Evolution, and Society   Cancelled   TTH 6-8:30      
BIO 325   Genetics   Made   MW 6-8:30   NOA 1.102   Mon., June 10  
CH 304K   Chemistry in Context I   Cancelled   Online      
CMS 306M   Professional Communication Skills   Made   MW 6-8:30   BUR 130   Mon., June 10  
E 316K   Masterworks of Literature: American   Made   MW 6-8:30   MEZ 1.120   Mon., June 10  
E 316K   Masterworks of Literature: World   Cancelled   TTH 6-8:30      
E 325F   Fiction Writing   Made   MW 6-8:30   MEZ 1.204   Mon., June 10  
ECO 301   Introduction to Economics   Made   TTH 6-8:30   BRB 1.102   Tues., June 11  
FIN 320F   Foundations of Finance-WB   Made   Online     Mon., June 10  
GOV 310L   American Government   Made   TTH 6-8:30   MEZ 1.122   Tues., June 11  
GOV 357M   4-Civil Liberties (meets July 8-30)   Cancelled   MTWHF 10-1      
GOV 357M   4-Civil Liberties   Made   MW 6-8:30   BUR 228   Mon., June 10  
GRG 301C   The Natural Environment   Cancelled   TTH 6-8:30      
HIS 315K   The United States, 1492-1865   Cancelled   TTH 6-8:30      
HIS 315L   The United States Since 1865   Made   MW 6-8:30   MEZ 2.102   Mon., June 10  
LEB 320F   Foundations of the Legal Environment of Business-WB   Made   Online     Mon., June 10  
M 302   Introduction to Mathematics   Made   MW 6-8:30   RLM 5.112   Mon., June 10  
M 305G   Preparation for Calculus   Cancelled   TTH 6-8:30      
M 316   Elementary Statistical Methods   Made   TTH 6-8:30   RLM 5.122   Tues., June 11  
M 408N   Differential Calculus for Science   Cancelled   Online      
MKT 320F   Foundations of Marketing   Made   TTH 6-8:30   UTC 1.116   Tues., June 11  
N 309   Global Health-WB   Made   Online     Mon., June 10  
PHY 302K   General Physics-Technical Course: Mechanics/Heat/Sound   Made   Online      
RHE 306   Rhetoric and Writing   Made   MW 6-8:30   MEZ 1.122   Mon., June 10  
RHE 309K   Writing about Baseball   Cancelled   TTH 6-8:30      
SOC 321K   Sociology of Love and Intimacy   Cancelled   MW 6-8:30      
T D 301   Introduction to Theatre   Cancelled   TTH 6-8:30