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11-Urban Politics

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
GOV 370L 11-Urban Politics Spring 2013   M 6-9 Shannon Bow $550.00

Description: This course introduces and explores the development of the urban landscape in America. Cities did not simply spring into existence. Their geographical and physical constraints combined with social, ethnic, and political pressures shaped and continue to shape their development. This course is designed to mostly introduce you to some ideas of urban politics in America. The first part of the semester concentrates on the development of the cities. This part of the class will focus primarily on the rural to urban shift in America. The second part of the semester will explore the move from urban to suburban living. This part of the class will look at more modern issues and topics in the cities (i.e. problems created by people moving out, financial attempts to solve these problems, new urbanism, gated communities, social/racial strife).

Same as URB 350.

Official UT Course Description: Analysis of varying topics in the study of American government and politics.

Topic: The basic political and administrative structures of cities and metropolitan regions, including problems associated with local and regional government.

May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

Prerequisites: Six semester hours of lower-division coursework in government.