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Fiction Writing

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
E 325F Fiction Writing Spring 2013   M 6-9 Jessica Becht $550.00

Description: In this course we will study the elements of fiction by way of discussing published work of contemporary authors, completing in class exercises, and critiquing our own short stories. We will utilize prewriting and revision techniques, and will learn the language and skills needed to conduct a successful, supportive workshop. This course will benefit both the novice and intermediate writer of the short story.

Official UT Course Description: Detailed study and practice of the techniques of fiction writing; includes reading and analysis of contemporary models. English 325 (Topic 1-Creative Writing: Fiction) and 325 may not both be counted.

Prerequisites: Comparative Literature 315, English 603B, E 316K, or Tutorial Course 603B; or consent of University Extension.