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Introductory Biology II

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
BIO 311D Introductory Biology II Spring 2014   TTH 7:30-9 Zaiming Zhao $550.00

Description: BIO 311D is designed for majors in biological sciences, and for others if required by their departmental programs. This course covers major concepts in Meiosis and life cycles, Mendelian genetics, population genetics, mechanisms of evolution, phylogenetics, life history, structure-function relationships and adaptations, an overview of animal and plant physiology, population ecology and community interactions, and major biomes.

Students must have the approval of the University Extension advisor to enroll in this course. See more information about Course Approvals.

Texas Common Code: BIOL 1307.

Official UT Course Description: Introduction to mechanisms of inheritance, evolution, physiology, and species interactions.

Prerequisites: Biology 311C with a grade of at least C-; or consent of University Extension advisor.