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Introduction to Information Technology Management-WB

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
MIS 302F Introduction to Information Technology Management-WB Fall 2013   Online Clint Tuttle $690.00

Description: Information technology (IT) is everywhere. It is a vital part of your personal life and almost any career that you will have.

Foundations of Information Technology Management (MIS 302F) is an introduction to creating and using IT for strategic, competitive advantage. This course is NOT about learning Microsoft Office. It is about learning core IT skills, IT management concepts, and how to apply them to your career.

This is a semester-based online course, with no face-to-face meetings.

Students are required to take three, scheduled proctored exams in a face to face setting. There may be additional proctoring fees. Students are responsible for securing authorized proctors. Students in foreign countries and rural U.S. locations far from college testing centers must ensure they will be able to arrange for proctoring before registering for the course.

Official UT Course Description:

Explores how technology helps to achieve competitive advantage and improve decision making, business processes, operations, and organizational design. Uses a cross-functional perspective to recognize the role of technology across business activities of management, finance, marketing, human resources, and operations.

May not be counted towards the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. MIS 302F and 311F may not both be counted.

Prerequisites: None.