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Culture, Creativity and Globalization

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
ANT 324L Culture, Creativity and Globalization Fall 2013   MW 7:30-9 Lindsay L. Hale $550.00


This course takes a cross-cultural approach to creativity and culture. Readings and class discussions explore visual, musical, verbal, and plastic arts in specific cultural contexts drawn from Latin America, Africa, Native America, Europe, and New Guinea. While attention will be paid to traditional genres, the emphasis will be on the dynamic ways in which individuals creatively reinvent the old while incorporating the new in response to the cultural, political, and economic upheavals of these globalizing times.

This course meets the requirements for the Writing Flag. If you wish to receive Writing Flag credit for this course, you must submit a petition to the School of Undergraduate Studies. Please contact your academic advisor if you have any questions about Writing Flag credit.

Official UT Course Description: Course may be repeated when topic varies.

Prerequisites: Freshman and sophomore English and at least 24 college hours, an introductory anthropology course, or consent of University Extension.