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Foundations of Finance-WB

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
FIN 320F Foundations of Finance-WB Summer 2013   Online Heidi Toprac $690.00


This section of FIN 320F is a semester-based online course, with no face-to-face meetings.

The purpose of this course is to help students develop a basic understanding of the US financial system, financial investments, and corporate finance. In this course, students will 1) become acquainted with the US financial environment, 2) learn the fundamentals of investment valuation, and 3) develop an understanding of how businesses allocate financial resources to maximize shareholder wealth.

Students are required to take two, scheduled proctored exams in a face-to-face setting, planned for July 15 and August 7. There may be additional proctoring fees. Students are responsible for securing an authorized proctor. Students in foreign countries and rural U.S. locations far from college testing centers must ensure they will be able to arrange for proctoring before registering for the course.

Important: Know your own degree requirements as well as the requirements of the Business Foundations Program. Prerequisites are both necessary and mandatory. The Business Foundations Program Certificate requires that the class be taken for a grade, rather than on a pass/fail basis.

Official UT Course Description: Principles of effective financial management, including planning, organization, and control; financial intermediaries; securities markets; evaluating alternative assets, debt, and capital structures.

Prerequisites: Upper-division standing; Accounting 310F, or ACC 311 (or 311H) and ACC 312 (or 312H).