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Sociology of Creativity

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
SOC 321K Sociology of Creativity Spring 2013   M 6-9 Mehdi Haghshenas $550.00

Description: Creative impulse is the heartbeat of a society. Most of us live and work in a functional world that leaves us little or no room for imagination, appreciation, and creativity. Yet, no one can deny that our society is driven by creativity. Creativity is an essential ingredient in science, business, the arts, and other dimensions of human life. This course will introduce you to different aspects of creativity in various contexts. We will bring our intellectual abilities and intuitive inclinations together as a complementary process. We will pursue and encourage elements of creativity at the individual, organizational, societal, environmental, and "cosmic" levels through the use of artistic films, documentaries, and other media. During the course, students will learn critical thinking methods through diverse and interconnected perspectives, improvisations, visual materials, and student-focused activities.

In most degree plans counts toward social science area requirement.

Official UT Course Description: May be repeated for credit when the topics vary.

Prerequisites: Completion of 24 college hours.