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Organic Chemistry II

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
CH 320N Organic Chemistry II Spring 2013   MW 6-7:30 Jeff Pruet $550.00

Description: Chemistry 320N is the second half in a two semester course in Organic Chemistry. It covers the chemistry needed for pre-medical, pre-dental, life sciences, and pharmacy majors. The course is designed to look at organic molecules, their reactions and mechanisms. It covers functional groups such as alcohols, ethers and epoxides, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids and their derivatives, amines.

Students must have the approval of the University Extension advisor to enroll in this course. See more information about Course Approvals.

Texas Common Code: CHEM 2325.

Official UT Course Description: Primarily for premedical, predental, life sciences, and pharmacy majors. The development of organic chemical functional group reactivity, reaction mechanics, with analogous aqueous transformations in biochemical settings.

Prerequisites: Credit of registration for Chemistry 210C or 220C; and the following coursework with a grade of at least C- in each: Chemistry 204 or 317; and 310M, 318M, 320M, or 328M; or consent of University Extension advisor.