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Cultural Anthropology

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
ANT 302 Cultural Anthropology Spring 2013   TTH 7:30-9 Lindsay L. Hale $550.00

Description: This course explores human cultural diversity and the relation of culture to human experience. Cultural anthropology takes the position that, if we wish to understand the human condition, we must study the full range of human societies, past and present, and not just our own. This introductory course will sample a broad range of cultures, ranging from hunter/gatherers, small-scale tribal and village societies, to the emerging post-industrial cyber-culture of tomorrow. What do these cultures have in common, what makes each unique, and what is it like to live within them? Our comparative approach will examine political and economic systems, religion, language, family and kinship, law, the arts, and other institutions to better understand ourselves and all of humankind.

Texas Common Number: ANTH 2351.

Official UT Course Description: The concept of culture; social and political organization; language; the supernatural; elementary cultural theory.

Prerequisites: None.