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Foundations of Accounting

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
ACC 310F Foundations of Accounting Spring 2013   M 6-9 Douglas deVidal $660.00

Description: Accounting occupies a fundamental role in the allocation of scarce resources in our economy. The purpose of this foundations course is to provide you with an introduction to financial and managerial accounting. You will learn how to read and interpret financial statements and how net income is determined. (The course adopts the perspective of a user, not of a preparer.) Additionally, the theories underlying those statements will be introduced. Topics that involve the planning and control of a firm's operations will also be covered.

The impact of accounting information on the stock market, as well as the role of the accounting profession in the economic events of the past several years, will also be discussed. The challenges faced by the accounting profession are many as the economy evolves from one based on production to one based on information.

Note: This course incorporates elements of both financial and managerial accounting (ACC 311 and ACC 312). It is designed for people who must know how to read accounting statements or manage people who produce them; it is not designed for those who must produce accounting statements as part of their job. (ACC 311 is designed for that and can form part of a business major.)

This section of ACC 310F is an evening face-to-face course. An online semester-based cohort section of ACC 310F is also available.

Official UT Course Description: An introduction to financial and managerial accounting, with emphasis on the content, interpretation, and uses of accounting reports. Discussion of the determination and reporting of net income and financial position, and the theories underlying business financial statements; consideration of managerial accounting topics designed to extend the student's knowledge to the planning and controlling of the operations of the firm.

Prerequisites: None.