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Foundations of Organizational Behavior and Administration

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
MAN 320F Foundations of Organizational Behavior and Administration Fall 2012   M 6-9 Dennis Passovoy $660.00

Description: This upper-division course is in the Business Foundations Program and is designed for non-business majors. The course is structured to provide students with an introduction to management of organizations and organizational behavior. A broad perspective of behavior in organizations will be covered as the course emphasizes readings in organizational behavior, case descriptions of specific organizational problems, lectures, and class discussions, as well as participation in a semester-long team project. Emphasis is placed on the central importance of leadership in organizations.

Official UT Course Description: An introduction to the management of organizations. Issues are addressed from the perspectives of strategy and planning, organizational behavior, and operations management.

Prerequisites: Completion of 45 college hours or consent of University Extension.