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Critical Issues in Journalism - WB

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
J 310 Critical Issues in Journalism - WB Summer 2011   Online Robert Jensen $550.00


This course is designed to (1) survey the various forms of contemporary journalism, with an eye toward helping students make career choices, and (2) critique those same forms, with an eye toward helping students become better journalists and more engaged citizens. In this course we will engage in critique, which is not a solely negative enterprise and is not synonymous with complaining, whining, or mean-spiritedness. To critique an idea, a practice, or an institution is to examine it to determine its nature so that we can understand its possibilities and limitations. Critique can result in criticism, which sometimes justifiably can be harsh. But critique also can reveal the strength of an argument. Critique is a thoughtful enterprise, the goal of which is to deepen our understanding of an issue or problem.

This is a fully online course with no face to face meetings. Exams will be administered a proctored exams sites, for which there may be additional fees.

Texas Common Code: COMM 2302.

Official UT Course Description:

Introduction to major issues facing the news media in a democratic society, including ethics, institutions, effects, and standards of press performance.

This course may not be counted toward any degree offered in the College of Communication at The University of Texas.

Prerequisites: None.