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Alternate First-Year Spanish II

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
SPN 508K Alternate First-Year Spanish II Spring 2010   MW 6-8:30 Jane Johnson $688.00


The objective of this class is to develop skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the Spanish language. Your ability to communicate in and comprehend Spanish will develop along with your knowledge of the vocabulary and grammatical structures of the language. As in SPN 506, students are expected to attend class regularly and should be able to devote one to three hours daily to homework and study.

SPN 508K begins with a basic review. Students typically master the following communication skills: (1) write and speak in Spanish about simple to moderately complex topics in the present and past tenses; (2) read magazine/newspaper articles and short stories (with a dictionary); and (3) understand spoken Spanish (directed to the language learner). These communication skills are acquired through (1) understanding the mechanics of the language; (2) exposure to music, film video, guest speakers, and the instructor; (3) guided speaking and writing practice in class, skits, presentation, interviews, and short compositions.

Official UT Course Description: Only one of the following may be counted: Spanish 604, 507, 508K.

Prerequisites: Transfer credit or credit by examination for Spanish 506, or high school coursework in Spanish, or credit for SPN 506 earned at the University of Texas at Austin more than one calendar year ago, with a grade of at least C.