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Forensic Anthropology

Course Number Course Title Semester Day and Time Instructor Course Fee
ANT 324L Forensic Anthropology Spring 2010   TTH 6-7:30 Lauri Martin $500.00


In most degree plans counts toward social science area requirement.

Forensic anthropology is the application of physical anthropology and archaeology in the medical and legal contexts of the recovery and identification of human skeletal remains. Osteological analysis can provide answers to questions such as to how an individual (or population) lived, how old they were when they died, their sex, their state of health and the types of trauma they may have experienced related to violence, occupation and climate. Forensic anthropology techniques and methods are also used to identify human remains in cases of mass murders, genocide, wars, environmental disasters, homicide, suicide and accidental death. This course is an introduction to the field of Forensic Anthropology. In it, students will have the opportunity to learn osteological methods for the determination of age, sex, stature, pathology, and ancestry. The course will also cover taphonomy, differentiating human from animal remains, analysis and significance of traumas, search and recovery techniques, as well as ethical concerns that arise when working with human remains in a medicolegal context. This 3 hour course will consist of both lectures and lab work. Students will have the opportunity to analyze skeletal materials from the extensive UT Austin collection.

Official UT Course Description: Course may be repeated for credit when the topic varies.

Prerequisites: Freshman and sophomore English and at least 24 college hours, an introductory anthropology course or consent of University Extension.